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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Breast Cancer Tumbler

Hi bloggers,

I hope that everyone is having a great week!!!
This weekend, I had some spare time to get some crafty projects completed...
Told you all that I'm addicted to tumblers; however, I'm down to my last two until the next shipment comes in:-(. Anywho, my MIL is going through breast cancer treatments and I wanted to make something to help brighten her spirts...
For this tumbler I used the Fight Like A Girl svg that Todd over on the scal forum created, thx Todd! Brenda and the random words were created with the Hot Fudge font... All items were cut using MTC and Oracal 651!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Water bottles and tumblers galore!!!

This has been a super busy and crazy week and it's only Wednesday.
On Friday my oldest son came down with a nasty cold and strep throat, then to top it off I started feeling sick on Sunday night...
Uggh, what awful timing... I had orders that HAD to be completed, basketball mom duties to fulfill and my regular job to deal with ( did I mention, I hate being sick).
Anywho, on to the important stuff:-)...
I was asked to decorate 14  aluminum water bottles  for my  8 year old cousin's birthday party.  The birthday girl requested each guests name with butterflies on one side of the bottle (easy enough)! I wanted to do something special on the Bday girls water bottle so I found an awesome Justin Bieber svg file on the SCAL forum ( thanks Sweetness4713 for sharing your cool file) and I added this to the opposite side. The name font is Storybook created using MTC and the butterflies are a random clip art image that I traced in MTC.

All the other water bottles look similar to the ones shown
My name is Nubian and I'm an addict... YES, I have admitted that I have an addiction. I can't stop altering these double walled acrylic tumblers. I'll be cruising the net, see an image and the next thing you know I'm decorating a tumbler!!!
Whew, what a relief :-)
A co-worker requested these two tumblers for her 13 and 16 y/o nieces. The only information that she provided to me was their names and ages.
My goodness, I haven't been 16 in years and have NO idea what teenagers today really like- so hopefully I hit the mark. The images were found in google and I traced them in MTC. I used the Hot Fudge font on Brianna and the Princess font on Brittini.

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