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Saturday, November 13, 2010

PNC with MTC

Told ya I had a couple projects to share... After seeing what the the new beta version of MTC could do I took the plunge and made the purchase... Well the verdict is in and I LOVE it... if you haven't tried MTC head on over to the forum and take a look around; the new beta features include an awesome rhinestone feature, new shape options, textures and PRINT and Cut just to name a few!!!
So far I've only been able to play with the PNC feature which is very similar to  the Cricut Imagine; however, I can use any image, color, or texture that I want... How awesome is that?? Anywho, here are the two images that I have print and cut, not perfect but I'm getting there and I can live with the results:-)
The ice cream cone is a Lettering Delights image and the Bratz Doll is a coloring page that I imported and colored ( the pics are brighter then they appear)



Cute, tfs!

Da Shawnna

Oooh!! I like, I like!!

M.M. DeZigns

Very nice Nubian! I'm interested in the print/cut feature... did you have to print it on you printer & then cut with your cricut??? I am intrigued! LOL!

Nubian Crafter

Ladies thanks for the comments... MzBanner, yes you print on your personal color printer and then cut using your cricut or other cutter... It was really easy using MTC. Also, you can still get the layered look ( you cannot tell from the pic but the ice cream cone is layered). HTH

Dainty Diva

Love your new look on your blog. Your message scared me at first. lol. I'm going to try the PNC.

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