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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hi bloggers,

I know that it seems as if I've dropped off this great earth... truth is, I haven't had much of a mojo for crafting or creating. Now that the weather is getting warmer my mood is improving so stay tuned... I've been researching a new cutter because sadly the cricut isn't cutting it anymore. I never really realized how limited I was with this cutter until I started my research, what do you guys use?? I need a cutter that I can use to cut cardstock, vinyl, and rhinestone templates... I would love an extended length cutter so who knows!!!

Anywho, I came across this awesome site TRW( I decided to try my hand at rhinestones. I know that the cricut has a terrible reputation for cutting circles but I decided to give it a go. Using the Silhouette rhinestone starter kit, TRW purchased template, MTC, my Geeko heatpress and rhinestones from Ebay I was able to create this Mega Bling Beauty... Was it difficult, heck yes... the wonky circles made the process nearly impossible so I had to hand set most of the stones. Overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome and my daughter LOVED her new shirt!



LOVE IT!! It was well worth the effort! Good to see you posting again...looking forward to more :)


Wow super cute glad to see u back great job as always!


Cute T-shirt, love the look of your blog too!


Just stopping by to say hi hope all is well.


Stopping by to say hi, miss your wondeful projest!


Thank you for for sharing your thoughts and knowledge on this topic.This is really helpful and informative, as this gave me more insight to create more ideas and solutions for my plan ,I would love to see more updates from you .

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